workshop day 2

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Creating Sketch Geometry
- Sketch Operations
  Corner and Chamfer
  Trimming Curves Using Relimitations
  Using Transformations
  Sketcher Options
- Advanced Sketch Operations
  3D Geometric Usage, Creation, and Editing
- Sketch Tools
  Analyzing Sketch Profiles
Basic Solid Geometry Basic Solid
- Basic Sketch-Based Features
  Solid Modeling Advantages
  Pad and Pocket Creation/Editing
  Shaft and Groove Creation/Editing
  Hole Creation/Editing
- Boolean Operations
  Assemble, Add, Remove, and Intersect Operations
  Union Trim and Remove Lump
- Dress-Up Features
  Fillets and Chamfer Creation/Editing
  Adding Draft
  Creating Thin Walled Bodies and Shell
  Thickening Faces
A piston drawn in Part Design
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