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GATE Aerospace was founded in 1998 to provide a complete range of engineering services to the aerospace industry and has brought together a dedicated team of experienced engineers who are equipped with the latest
technology to work on all aspects of aircraft engineering. Projects can be undertaken as “packages” at the GATE premises in The Netherlands or by providing contract staff who work “on site” for the client.

Technical expertise in conjunction with a competitive business strategy has, in a short period of time, already established GATE in many international aeronautical programs.
  To stay current with the latest technologies GATE Aerospace has developed a design workshop using CATIA V5 for his employees working in the aircraft industries.
The fact that we received such a positive reaction from our engineers without any knowledge of computer design and engineers who designed with CATIA V4 up till today made us decide to commercialize this workshop and make it available for every single engineer or company in the aircraft or related industry.