workshop day 1

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Differences between CATIA V5 and CATIA V4
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- Working with Files
  Settings and Preferences
- Model Visualization
  View Manipulation and View Operations
  Model Display Preferences
- Specification Tree
  Overview, Usage, and Options
- Managing Geometry
  Object Selection
  Layer Management
  Object Properties
Creating Sketch Geometry
- Sketch Geometry
  Sketcher Overview
  Creating and Editing Sketch Geometry
- Parameters
  Parameter and Formula Overview
  Creating and Editing Parameters/Formulas
  Parameter Options
- Reference Features
  Reference Feature Overview and Usage
  Creating and Editing Reference Features
- Sketch Constraints and Dimensions
  Constraints Overview
  Dimensional Constraint Creation and Editing
  Geometric Constraint Creation and Editing


Exercises will be explained using predefined sketches.
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